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Span Farewell

To our clients, members, colleagues, friends and collaborating agencies; to all who have supported and/or were served by Span over the last 41 years:

It is with great sadness we announce Span’s closing, effective August 31, 2017.

We have been fortunate to create and maintain a culture that has embraced people’s ability to change, grow, and persist. We have been honored to help people rebuild.

We have seen courageous people cope with huge obstacles and complex roadblocks.

We have seen success and tragedy; have witnessed the possible and the impossible. We have seen people recreate themselves for the better and impact the lives of others in so many positive ways. We’ve seen big changes and little ones. We have served people who did two days and others who did a lifetime inside.

It has always been about change, growth, and doing the best we could.

We thank all who helped, are grateful to those who trusted us to listen to their stories; and are thankful for having had the opportunity to see change. We have been rewarded so many times, and even when we felt defeated, we felt strong. We are lucky to have been part of your lives.  As many of our clients say, we’ve done a long stretch. We are grateful for that and we will always continue to try.

We hope you do too.

The Span Family

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