Our Services

When a client begins a relationship with Span Inc., a Span case manager makes an initial assessment and works with the client to develop a specific service plan. This plan is customized to meet the individual's needs in order to ensure that he or she has the tools needed to build a new life, and achieve their goals.

Plans can include any combination of services in the following categories:

Case Management Services

Career Development Services

Health Services

Peer Support Services

Clients in some Span programs may also have access to short-term rental assistance depending on qualifications and the availability of funds.

Case Management Services

Case management is integrated into most of Span's program services. Case managers work directly with clients to assess needs, develop service plans, assist with discharge planning, and provide hands-on assistance as needed. In addition to providing direct services, case managers also help clients to access services they may need at other agencies and programs, procure entitlements they are eligible for, such as MassHealth , Social Security and food stamps. Case managers can also assist clients in securing affordable housing, employment, food, clothing, transportation, and other basic resources.

Span case managers also help clients who need health and/or mental health care, substance abuse treatment, and other critical services by assisting clients to access collaborating providers. Clients are assisted to take steps toward reaching personal goals related to enriching their quality of life, such as becoming involved in their community through social activities, volunteering, etc.

Career Development Services

Reintegrating Ex-offender Services

Reintegrating Ex-Offender Services(RExO) is designed to assist recently released clients in finding work and developing career goals. RExO supports clients in achieving these goals by offering an optional two-week stipend-based job-training program and by referring clients to The Workplace - a Span partner that serves as a One-Stop Career Center for the City of Boston. Clients also have the opportunity to work toward reaching their RExO goals with the help of Span-trained volunteer mentors.

Health Services

Health Education

Span improves public health and the health of clients by providing education-based programs and workshops to teach clients how to prevent contracting or spreading sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). Span offers individual and small group learning sessions that address various health issues and help clients access health care services.

Case Management for HIV+ Clients

Span offers short- and long-term health-service specific case management for clients living with HIV. Span works with individuals who are being released from prison or who have been in the community for some time. Clients are assisted in their own efforts to achieve and maintain healthy outcomes after release from prison. Case managers work to ensure that medical and social services are in place upon resettlement in order to guarantee continuity of care and preserve the health of the client. Clients receiving HIV case management may be eligible for up to 3 months of rental assistance depending on funding availability.

Substance Abuse Counseling

For clients with histories of substance abuse, Span’s clinicians offer substance abuse assessment as well as individual and group substance abuse counseling. Span clinicians also provide specialized counseling to clients who are dealing with both mental health and addiction issues. Clients are referred to substance abuse counseling from Span’s other programs, from prisons, and by self-referral.

The Adolph Grant Center

Named after a long-time Span staff member and former client, the Adolph Grant Center is a safe place for clients to develop social and recreational skills that can enhance their ability to nurture a lifestyle free from crime and drugs. At the Center, Span provides nutritious family-style meals, activities, events, and access to job search tools in a safe and drug-free environment.

Peer Support Services

Support Groups

Span staff members offer support groups where peers can support each other and address issues including relapse prevention, reintegration and development of social skills.

Individual Peer Support Clients with HIV have the opportunity to work with Span’s peer support advocate who assists them with living healthy and meaningful lives.