Additional Resources

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AIDS Action Committee of Massachusetts

75 Amory Street

Boston, MA 02119


17 Sellers Street

Cambridge, MA 02139

1-800-235-2331 (multilingual AIDS/STD hotline)

1-800-443-4372 (multilingual Hepatitis hotline)

AIDS Action Committee of Massachusetts (AAC) is New England’s largest AIDS service organization with offices in Boston and Cambridge. AAC assists those who are living with HIV and AIDS with services including counseling, legal services, and rental assistance as well as free and confidential HIV testing and counseling.

Massachusetts Department of Public Health Services & Resources Guide

This Guide lists agencies, hotlines, and additional services and resources for the prevention, testing, and treatment of HIV and related issues such as viral hepatitis, sexually transmitted infections, and substance abuse.

Legal Assistance

Criminal Offender Record Information (CORI) Help

This website from MassLegal Help provides multilingual information on Massachusetts CORIs, including information on jobs and housing for those with CORIs, how to receive a copy of your CORI, fix mistakes on your CORI, and seal past records or convictions.

Prisoners' Legal Services (PLS)

8 Winter Street

Boston, MA 02108



PLS (formerly Massachusetts Correctional Legal Services or MCLS) assists Massachusetts prisoners with problems they may have with the institutions in which they are confined. PLS provides civil legal assistance focusing on four priorities: brutality, segregation and/or isolation of mentally ill prisoners, health care, and extreme or unconstitutional conditions of confinement.

Northeastern University's Prisoners Rights Project

Law Clinics

140 Dockser Hall

360 Huntington Avenue

Boston, MA 02115


This legal clinic is only open from September 15th - February 15th. They provide direct representation at final parole revocation and rescission hearings, and parole release hearings for inmates serving second degree life sentences.

General support

American Friends Service Committee Cambridge Healing and Transformative Justice Program

2161 Massachusetts Avenue

Cambridge, MA 02140


The American Friends Service Committee (AFSC) is a Quaker organization founded in 1917 committed to overcoming violence, poverty, and injustice. The Cambridge Healing and Transformative Justice Program was founded in 1971 by prisoners at MCI Walpole and works with victims, those who are convicted of crimes, and their families to ensure justice, fair treatment within prisons, and reentry into communities.

Further Reading

Crime and Justice Institute (CJI)

CJI works on a national level to increase public safety and quality of lives by making the criminal justice system more efficient. CJI helps to reform the criminal justice system through research, policy development and analysis, advocacy, and consulting. The site contains information about current projects and recent publications.

"From Incarceration to Community: A Roadmap to Improving Prisoner Reentry and System Accountability in Massachusetts", prepared by the Crime & Justice Institution and published June 3, 2004

This report addresses techniques for reducing recidivism rates and focuses on policies relating to the prison system and parole.

The Sentencing Project

514 Tenth Street, NW

Suite 1000

Washington DC 20004


The Sentencing Project is a national organization working for reforms in sentencing law and practice and promoting alternatives to incarceration. Research centers on incarceration rates, racial disparity, drug-related offences, juvenile delinquency and justice, voting rights for convicted felons, incarceration of females, and the social consequences of incarceration.

The Urban Institute

The Urban Institute is a national organization performing nonpartisan research related to public policy issues, including crime and justice. Specific issues include preventing and responding to criminal behavior, reentry, policing practices, juvenile justice, substance abuse, and victims of crime.

"Understanding the Challenges of Prisoner Reentry: Research Findings from the Urban Institute's Prisoner Reentry Portfolio", by Amy L. Solomon, Christy Visher, Nancy G. La Vigne, and Jenny Osborne; Urban Institute, published March 24, 2006.

This report summarizes challenges specific to men and women reentering society after imprisonment, the limited assistance and resources available to them, and the cyclical nature of incarceration. Information includes primary research by the Urban Institute, evaluation of targeted programs, reports on policies, and summaries of current practice.

"Does Parole Supervision Work? Research Findings and Policy Opportunities" by Amy L. Solomon, Urban Institute; published March 15, 2006. This report summarizes the need to study post-prison supervision, an overview of research findings, and recommendations for parole policy.