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Facts About Span, Inc.

Kevin Davis has been recently named as the second Executive Director of Span, Inc., the pioneer agency serving returning citizens on their release from Massachusetts Correctional Institutions and advocating for their rights.
Span is the oldest agency of its kind and the only one that provides a comprehensive set of services for its clients.
Span, Inc. was founded in July, 1976 by Lyn Levy, who had been working with the Massachusetts Department of Corrections inmates through another agency that was closing its doors, to continue that work.
Now celebrating 39 years of service and advocacy, Span has grown from being a pioneer to being recognized as the model for Reintegration Services by the Commonwealth's Department of Corrections and has served an estimated 10,000 people of all races, ethnicities and sexual orientation since its founding.
It costs an average of $53,000 per-inmate to keep a person in prison for a year. Span services cost about 8.5 percent of that or only $4,500 per-person per-year to keep a returning citizen out of prison.
Because of Span's services, incarceration recidivism has been reduced in Massachusetts, saving the Commonwealth, and every taxpayer, $48,500 per non-returning person every year. Recidivism for clients completing the Span Training 2 Work program is 0.
Span starts working with clients, who are planning to live in the Greater Boston area, from six months before release, from any state correctional institutions, to at least six months post release.
Eligible Span clients receive, housing search services, health care counseling, career training, job search assistance and other necessary services.
In the past year:

Span staff has served over 1,000 men and women, 321 of those received state correctional institution based services. Another 757 returning citizens continued receiving services in our Boston multi-service center;
Span staff has assisted 874 returning citizens through their participation in intensive case management and reintegration services;
Span specialists provided substance abuse recovery services to 536 returning citizens.
Span job coaches and mentors helped 375 clients find employment;
Span housing advocates have found safe housing for 128 returning citizens.
44 (active and inactive) returning citizens have completed at least one of the Span programs and now belong to the Alumni Association. These men and women are giving back by mentoring those that are just beginning their journey outside of the state institutions
633 men and women have been reunited with 1,466 children

Representatives of Span Alumni or Staff are available for public speaking to your group or organization. For more information or to book a speaker contact: Doug Wood-Boyle, Public Relations Coordinator at [email protected] or by telephone, (617) 423-0750 ext. 140.